MAAS RX-600 SWR Power Meter




RX-600: The RX-200/400 and RX-600 Power and SWR meter is the most efficient tool in wide range of semi-professional measuring and control instruments.
The measured values can be easily read in the large scale instruments. The RX-200/400 and RX-600 is an insertion type RF wattmeter and can be permanently fitted into a transmission system for continuous monitoring of station working condition. The unit can be work without external power supply. But with 13.8VDC power which permits to light up the meter and shows the active led corresponding to the selected RF coaxial line (for RX-600 only).
Measuring the standing wave ratio is particularly important for tuning the antenna to the radio, as this is the only way to achieve the maximum range. This meter is suitable for the entire shortwave, the 6m band, 4m BOS, VHF, aviation radio, the 2m band and the 70cm band.

Frequency range: 1.8~180 MHZ (RX-200, RX-600) , 140~525 MHZ (RX-400, RX-600)
Power measure range: 0.5~3KW (30W/300W/3KW) for RX-200 and RX-600 HF BAND 0.5W~600W (30W/300W/600W) for RX-400 and RX-600 UHF BAND 300W
Continuous power rating: CW/SSB for 1.2~200MHz 300W
Continuous power rating: CW/SSB for 140~525MHz 300W
Maximum power handling: 3KW for 15 seconds / 2KW for 30 seconds / 1KW for 60 seconds
Minimum power input: 0.5W for RX-200, RX-400 and RX-600
Precision: 30W range ±5% , 300W range ±5% , 600W ±7.5%, 3KW range ±7.5%
Connecters: N sockets (for 140-525 MHz) PL sockets (for 1.8 – 160 MHz)
SWR: 1~Infinity
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Input loss: 0.2db (1.8~180MHZ), (140~525MHZ)
Dimensions: 15 x 6.5 x 10CM
Weight: 720gr. (RX-600), 630gr. (RX-200/400)