Daiwa CN901-HP3 High Power SWR Meter




Daiwa’s large, lighted and easy-to-read cross needle meters will provide your ham shack with consistent readings.
CN-901 Series meters feature qualities that will make measuring SWR and power during an antenna test, as well as matching and tuning transmitters, an easy task.
Their dual-needle meters have one scale that measures forward power while the other reads reflected power.
The SWR is indicated at the crossing point of the two needles so you can read all three of these important measurements at the same time.
Their HP models can also measure P.E.P. That’s peak power in SSB operation. A DC cable with 2.5mm plug is included.
There are also several frequency-ranges and power levels in the Daiwa CN-901 professional series family to choose from.

Frequency: 1.8~200MHz
Power range: 30/300/3kw
Tolerance: +/-10%(at FULL SCALE)
SWR measurement: 1:1~1:8
SWR detection sensitivity: 5W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connectors: SO-239
DC Power supply: DC 13.8V(70mA)
Dimensions: 157(W)x112(H)x116(D)mm
Weight: 1kg
Add 15% of full scale at 160-200MHz. Power rating MAX 1KW (144MHz)
Type HP3 DC power (13.8V) is necessary to operate
Suitable DC plug size: (Inside/Outside) diameter 2.5mm/5.5mm length 9.0mm
Meter light: ON/OFF can be switched by light switch