Nissei K-PO S-27 Analogue S-Meter Signal Meter




K-PO S-27: The S-27 (KSM-9000) is an additional external signal meter (FOX meter) and is ideal for ‘FOX hunting’.
Large screen transmitter for CB station with 2.5 mm connector transmitter output, comes with a strong and robust metal housing.

Please note that the K-PO S-27 (KSM-9000) does not work properly in combination with the Midland Alan 48 series and the TTI TCB-881 series.

Features / Specifications:
Frequency range: 26-30 MHz
Sensitivity: 80 uA
Input resistance 10 K-Ohm
Power supply: 12 – 13.8V DC Current
Consumption: 50 mA
Display analogue instrument
Cable with 2.5 mm jack plug included
Dimensions W x H x D in mm 170 x 80 x 80
Weight approx. 600g