TOPTEK PA-350V 2m High Power Linear Amplifier




PA-350V: Single-stage wideband VHF power amplifier delivers over 350 Watt RF output typically from (8) Watt of drive power.

Receiver Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with bandpass filter to prevent blocking by HF signals.
Alphanumeric LCD display for various measurements, user configuration and error conditions.
Automatic Level Control (ALC) for output power regulation and high SWR protection.
Individual DC current sensing and limiting of each sub-amplifier.
Output power (FM) selectable between three user programmable levels.
Multiple protection features: high drive, high SWR, high/low DC voltage, high temperature.
Two elegant, temperature enabled fans.
Remote PTT link.
Selectable input power range.

LCD Display:
STANDBY: Message is displayed and LCD backlight turned off to minimize power consumption.
INPUT POWER: RF power measured as coming into RTX connector (directional coupling).
OUTPUT POWER: RF power measured as coming out of ANT connector (directional coupling).
ANTENNA SWR: Standing Wave Ratio measured at ANT connector. If output power is too low to perform accurate measurement of SWR, „—–” is displayed.
SSB: It displays annunciator in the form of triangle or it’s blank. Triangle indicates that SSB mode has been activated.
It is toggled by TX MODE button TX PWR: It displays selected power level: H,M,L (High, Middle, Low) in FM mode, S in SSB mode.
User can assign value to H,M,L levels. The S level is fixed to 170W.
Amplifier has 3 transmission modes: BYPASS, FM and SSB. They are toggled by pressing „TX MODE” button.
Amplifier can be activated by RF signal from transceiver or by remote PTT signal (if external PTT mode is active).
During transmission, amplifier attempts to stabilize it’s output power by ALC (Automatic Level
Control) loop. User can select between L (low), M (middle), H (high) ALC thresholds. Actual
selection is displayed in „TX PWR” window and can be changed by arrow buttons. Power levels
assigned to L,M,H are user editable.
FM mode is only suitable for constant envelope modulations (FM, PM, FSK…).
Other modulations (AM,SSB …) will be severely distorted in FM mode.
In FM mode power meters and TX/RX switchover respond instantly (there is small delay to prevent jittering)
SSB mode Both „TX PA” and „SSB” annunciators are displayed.
If SWR>1.6 and SWR<2.2, amplifier reduces output power, protecting itself.
ANTENNA SWR: meter blinks, drawing user attention to the problem.
Preamplifier in equipped with high-pass filter at the input. It prevents blocking effects caused by HF stations operating nearby (CB radio).
Preamplifier is intended to improve system noise figure in situations when amplifier is installed near antenna but far from transceiver

Frequency range: 144-148MHz (2m)
Mode: Selectable FM or SSB
RF output power: FM mode: User programmable/selectable between 20W and 360W
SSB mode: Limited at 360W
RF input power: Maximum (user selectable): 15 Watt / 30 Wat
RF input power, PA not active (bypass): Maximum: 50 Watt
DC supply current during transmission: Maximum: 54 Amp
Bypass mode insertion loss: typ. 0.35 dB @ 145 MHz
RX preamplifier gain: typ. 20 dB @ 145 MHz
RF connectors type: N-50
Weight: 3 kg
Overall dimensions: L=350mm, W=184mm, H=90mm