RM Italy KL-200 Linear Amplifier




KL-200: High power all mode linear amplifier with automatic TX/RX switching and ON/OFF switch, also incorporates AM/FM or SSB mode switch.
The RM KL200 amplifier is equipped with 2 switches:
ON/OFF switch – the amplifier can be permanently connected to the antenna installation, but it does not have to be used all the time, the second switch is responsible for selecting the appropriate AM/SSB mode.
It is important that the AM/SSB switch is always set to the selected mode on your radio.
The amplifier is easy to install, just connect it to the antenna path (between the radiotelephone and the antenna).
Appropriate power supply must be provided to it (see technical data – current consumption). We advise against connecting the amplifier with a cigarette lighter plug.
The amplifier should only be used with a very well tuned antenna.
At high SWR, the final power stage may be damaged, which is not covered by the warranty.
Applying too much power to the amplifier may damage the device.
When using amplifiers, we recommend the use of low-pass filters.

Electronic switch
Inversion polarity protection
Frequency range: 25-30 MHz
Supply: 12-14 VDC
Input energy/power: 8-11 A
Input power: 1-5 W
Input power: SSB 2-10 W
Output power: 100 W Max
Output power: SSB 200 W PEP Max
Fuse: 12 Amp
Output power level: 1
Size: 109 x 125 x 35 mm
Weight 305 gr.