RM Italy LA-435 UHF Linear Amplifier


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LA-435: The NEW LA-435 is a compact, broadband power amplifier for the 70 cm UHF band. It covers the entire frequency range from 405 to 480 MHz without any gaps. The output power is nominally 60W (70W max). Input power from 1W to 5W max, ideally suited for low power handheld radios. Output power depends on both input power and frequency used. The diagram illustrates the relationship between these two parameters.
The amplifier has automatic switching between RX and TX. The power cable for the amplifier should be kept as short as possible and be less than 3m long. In case of mobile installation, it is recommended to connect the power cable directly to the vehicle battery. A fuse can be installed at this point to protect against short circuits. 12 to 15A is sufficient as the amplifier is internally fused. Amplifier can be left in the circuit when powered off, and the RTX can be operated normally at low power.
When the SSB/FM switch is set to “SSB”, a small delay is added before switching back to “RX” after a transmission. In SSB, this prevents the amplifier’s RX/TX relay from constantly switching between “receive” and “transmit” during pauses in speech, since there is no RF carrier to hold the relay in the open state. In FM and AM modes this is not necessary and the switch position can be set to “FM”.

*Founded in 1974 by Remo Marchioni in Porretta Terme, Italy, RM Italy is a name that has become synonymous with finely crafted, high-performance linear amplifiers trusted in ham shacks around the globe.

Amplifier Type: Solid state
Amplifier Band Coverage: 70 centimeters
Frequency Range: 405-480 MHz
Max Output Power SSB (Watts): 60-70 (PEP)
RF Input for Maximum Output: 5 Watts
Built-In Preamplifier: No
RF Sense Switching: Yes
Keying Connector Type: None
Remote Control Connector: None
Input energy / power: 12-15V DC, max. 15 A
DC Supply Current: 15 A
Max Input SWR: 50 Ohm
RF Connector Type: Type N Female
Length: 120 mm / Height 40 mm / Width 230 mm