RM Italy KL-405 HF Linear Amplifier




KL-405: The KL-405 is a 12V linear amplifier for use in the 10m band, with a drive power of 1 to 10W in all modes. KL-405 also has a preamplifier with electronic switching, which can be activated via a switch on the front, and a six-position power selector via a practical knob.

Frequency of use: 10m Amateur Band ( 1.8-30MHz with LPF )
Power supply: 13.8VDC +/- 1V 30A
Absorption: 22A max
Input Power: 1W – 10W AM-FM-SSB – CW
Output Power: 200W
Entrance Ros: 1.1 – 1.5:1
Operation: AM – FM – SSB – CW
Fuse: 3 x 12A fast 5×20
Dimensions: L 215 W 190 H 67 mm
Weight: 1.350 Kg