Sigma Euro Comm SE-HF X80 Base Vertical Antenna



SE-HF X80: The SE HF X-80 is an end fed aluminum vertical antenna, capable of allowing the user to work 80 metres through 6 metres bands using an ATU, also not requiring any counterpoise and can be fed using coax cable. The antenna can be pole mounted at ground level or elevated depending on the user’s personal requirements. The antenna is rated at 400 watts PEP. The antenna comes complete with all fixings.
How it works: The antenna is fed using 50 Ohm coax via a SO-239 socket at the base of the unit. A 6:1 UNUN transformer is located in an IP65 weather sealed box at the bottom of the 6 meter telescopic aluminum element. The transformer reduces the impedance at the feed point to a more acceptable level making the antenna much more efficient and allowing proper and easy tuning via an external ATU and automatic ATU’s found in most modern radios. The antenna can be grounded if the user experiences excessive local static noise, but as the UNUN is DC grounded: grounding will not affect the tuning ratios.

The power rating is for intermittent amateur (400W CW or 400W SSB) use and not for AM broadcast or constant carrier data modes. For AM broadcast a much higher power BALUN is required.”
Note: Use a good quality 50 Ohm coax, RG-213 or Mini 8 are probably the best choice.

Type: End fed vertical
Frequency: TX / 3.5 – 50 MHz – RX / 1.8 – 55 MHz
Power rated: 400 watts pep
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: SO-239
Length: 6-meters

The Highlighted bands in the chart below will require a manual ATU, the others an internal ATU.
Frequency / VSWR
3.5 MHz 80 m – with Manual ATU 1.1
7 MHz 40 m – with ATU 1.1
10 MHz 30 m – with ATU 1.1
14 MHz 20 m – with ATU 1.1
18 MHz 17 m – with Manual ATU 1.1
21 MHz 15 m – with ATU 1.1
24 MHz 12 m – with Manual ATU 1.1
28 MHz 10 m – with ATU 1.1
50 MHz 6 m – with Manual ATU 1.1