Diamond X-300NA 2/70cm Base Vertical Antenna



X-300NA:Diamond Dual Band antennas are a great choice where ruggedness is required in a long range, high gain, dual band, base/repeater application. This is one of our most popular antennas as it gives very good gain and a reasonable length.
Special Features:
Fiberglass radomes
Overlapping outer shells for added strength
Strong waterproof joint couplings
Stainless steel hardware
Wide band performance
Factory adjusted – no tuning required
High wind rating
DC grounded

Band: 2m / 70cm
Gain: 6.5 / 9.0 (dBi)
Max Power Rating: 200W
Maximum wind resistance: 50 m / sec (112.5 MPH)
Antenna length: 3.10 meters
Connector: Type-N female
Element Phasing: 2-5/8l, 5-5/8l