JSC-1318 Ladder Line 450 OHM-18 AWG (Solid Wire) 100 FT (30m)



JSC-1318: Ladder Line – #18 AWG with solid conductors. Copper clad steel flexible ladder line. Great for construction of balanced line dipoles, Windom antenna.
Ladder line or “window line” is a variation of twin lead which is constructed similarly except that the polyethylene webbing between the wires which holds them apart has rectangular openings (“windows”) cut in it. So the line consists of two insulated wires with bands of plastic holding them together every few inches, giving it the appearance of a ladder. The advantage of the windows is that they lighten the line, and also reduce the amount of surface on which dirt and moisture can accumulate, making ladder line less vulnerable to weather-induced changes in characteristic impedance. The most common type is 450 Ohm ladder line, which has a conductor spacing of about an inch. Uniform spacing between conductors insures proper balance —

Features / Specifications:
UV – Resistant Made in (USA).
30.48-Meter Roll Approx. (100ft)
Color: Black
MPN: 1318
Gauge: 18 AWG
Type: 450 Ohm ladder line
Model Solid: Ladder line
Voltage Rating: 300 (V)
Capacitance Between Conductors: @ 1 KHz
DC Resistance per Conductor @ 20ᵒC 9.71 Ω
Velocity of Propagation: 90.2%
Attenuation: (db / 1000ft)
Cable Length: 100 ft
Conductor: Copper Clad Steel / 18AWG (ASTM)
Stranding: 1 / 0.0403in (1.024mm)
Insulation: Linear Low Density Polyethylene 0.020 in nom wall
Overall Cable Diameter: 0.065 x 0.930 in
Temperature Rating: -40ᵒC to +60ᵒC
Sunlight Resistant: Yes
Product Code: LL450-551-200DX