TOPTEK PA-180V 2m Linear Amplifier




PA-180V: Single stage wideband VHF power amplifier delivers over 200 Watt RF output typically from (5) Watt of drive power.
Turning amplifier on and off:
Transmit power amplifier and receiver preamplifier functions are independent on
each other. They can be toggled on/off by pressing the respective pushbuttons: RX
LNA and TX PA. Once a function is enabled, the LED associated with the pushbutton
will light up.
Amplifier is completely off when both LEDs are dark.

Changing power level:
Transmit power amplifier is equipped with Automatic Level Control (ALC) loop.
Preset power can be adjusted in 4 steps: 60W, 100W, 140W, 180W. The first pressing
of the SET POWER button switches the amplifier into power setting mode. The
multifunction display bar will blink, showing preset power level. The first pressing of
the SET POWER button does not change the power level, but displays the actual
setting. Subsequent pressing of the SET POWER button changes the power setting.
Amplifier will exit the power setting mode if the SET POWER button is not pressed
again within 2 seconds.
ALC is disabled in SSB mode. Transceiver’s PEP must be adjusted correctly to
control PA180V output power.

Turning SSB mode on/off:
The SSB ON button toggles the SSB mode on/off. The current state is indicated by an
associated LED. Once the SSB mode is enabled, the carrier sensing algorithm, time
delays and power meter behavior will change to address modulation properties.

Measuring VSWR:
This function allows to accurately measure antenna’s VSWR. To enable VSWR
measurement, press SHOW SWR button while transmitting. This mode will last as
long as the amplifier is in transmit mode. The display will return to power
measurement mode after releasing transceiver’s PTT button.
The actual VSWR is represented by a single „moving dot”. The lowest reading is
1.20, below this value a respective LED will start blinking, indicating under range.
The highest reading is 1.90 and with a reading past 2.00 a different respective LED
will begin to blink, signaling over range.
Built in VSWR meter is of good quality, compensating for detector’s nonlinearities.
This makes measurement results fairly independent on output power. It also offers
exceptional directivity with the residual VSWR reading around 1.10.

Error signaling:
To signal an error in amplifier’s operation, the LEDs on the multifunction display bar
will change their color to red. Appearance of any error will deny the transmitting
operation of the amplifier.
HIGH SWR: Deny transmitting, resume after PTT release
OVERDRIVE: Excessive input power (>10Watt) Deny transmitting, resume after PTT release
DC VOLTAGE: DC supply voltage out of permissible range (10.5V to 14.8V) Deny transmitting, resume after PTT release and voltage restoration

Power measurement: Measures output power, 20 Watt increments
Power setting display: Indicates actual power limit (60,100,140,180 W)
SWR measurement: Shows VSWR
RX LNA: Toggles operation of receiver pre- amplifier (LNA)
TX PA: Toggles operation of transmit power amplifier
SSB ON: Toggles SSB mode
SET POWER: Displays/changes transmit power limit
SHOW SWR: Enables SWR display
Error indicator: Indicates error condition (Blinks when under/over range)
HIGH TEMP: Chassis temperature over 60 degrees Deny transmitting, resume after cooling down
PA FAIL: Amplifier electrical failure Deny transmitting, resume after PTT release

Frequency range: 138 MHz – 174 MHz
Maximum output power: 170 Watt 185 Watt 200 Watt ALC limited in FM mode
Input power range: 1 Watt 10 Watt, Between carrier detect and overdrive thresholds
Input power for full output: 5 Watt Frequency dependent
Bypass power: 50 Watt
Harmonics suppression: 60 dBc
Modulation: AM, FM, SSB
Circuit type: 2 MOS-FET, PUSH-PULL amplifiers combined

Specifications: Receiver preamplifier
In band gain: 18dB 21dB 24dB 138 MHz – 174 MHz
Out of band gain: 19dB @ 108 MHz / 8 dB @ 88 MHz / -50 dB @ 30 MHz
Transmit supply current: 27 A – 30 A Transmitting at maximum power. Frequency dependent.
RF connector: N50
Weight: 1.15 Kg
Dimensions: H= 50mm, W= 125mm, L= 210mm