NEWLY RELEASED: Version with 4 x 2SC-2879 HP finals
HLA-300V PLUS-HP: This new HLA-300V Plus-HP is a high power linear amplifier designed to operate in all modes on all HF Ham Radio bands (1.8-30 Mhz). In order to significantly reduce the harmonic emissions, it has been equipped with Cauer filters (elliptical) with cutting frequencies of 3/4.5/8/15/22/31 Mhz. A microprocessor supervises on all amplifier functions. Fitted with 4 x 2SC-2879 transistors.

Output power indicator
Protected against polarity inversion, over temperature, over input power and high SWR
6-Output low pass filters can be set manually or selected in automatic way by processor
Forced multispeed ventilation
Detects the input frequency and sets the related filter when the amp is in AUT. mode.
Detects the input power and, if too high, puts on the -3dB attenuator to halve it.
Checks the heat-sink temperature and, if too high, activates the second fans speed.
Checks the antenna stationary waves and shutdowns the amplifier if the SWR is too high.

Transistor: 4 x 2SC-2879
Frequency: 1.8-30 Mhz
Supply: 13.8V
Current absorption: Max 55A
Input power SSB-FM: Max 30-35W
Input power AM: Max 25W
Average output power: 500W SSB-FM
Fuses: 4 x 16A
Bypass power: Max 100W
Class: A / B
Harmonic values (average): -45 dB
Excellent linearity

Be sure to use a high quality power supply, able to guarantee a stable output supply of 13,8V at the max power absorption. We suggest the E-SCN-1000, a professional switching power supply.
Ensure that the selected frequency band is correspondent to the operative frequency.
Don’t use an input power higher than the max value indicated.
Avoid operating the amplifier excessively, driving it at the max input power allowed for long work sessions.
Check that all links are made correctly.
A mismatched antenna with high stationary waves and unsuited to carry the max output power can cause permanent damages to the amplifier.
Respect strictly the values ​​indicated.
Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper usage.

NOTE: Please note that the HLA-300V in the standard version has a maximum output power of 300W PEP (with 4 x SD1446s of approximately 80W) and not 550W PEP.