RM Italy HLA-300V Black Linear Amplifier





HLA-300V Black: The HLA300 is a 12VDC HF broadband linear amplifier suitable for use in the range from 1.8 to 30 MHz with a maximum output of 300W (Av. power) with a maximum input drive of 15W, it has been designed to be used with transceivers with 10W outputs but can be used equally well with any transceiver capable of producing 1 to 15W output. It uses 4 RF power transistors in two parallel push pull circuits biased in class AB. There are 6-Low Pass Filters with (cut-off) frequencies of 3,4,5,8,15,22 and 31MHz that greatly reduce unwanted harmonic output to acceptable levels that may be selected manually or automatically.
It features a microprocessor that controls all of the functions of the amplifier and its protection circuits. Protection is provided for excessive input power, excessive load VSWR and excessive heat sink temperature. The amplifier may be used either in a mobile / portable or fixed station installation.

Specifications / Features:
Operation Frequency: 1.8—30 MHz (160m to 10m bands)
Modulation Types: SSB,CW,AM, FM, DATA (All narrowband modes)
Transistor: 4 x RM SD-1446
Power Supply: 13VDC+/- 1V 40A
Input Fuse (Internal): 4 x 10A (5x20mm Fast)
Input RF Power: 1-15W (All modes)
Output RF Power (max): (280W)
Maximum bypass power (Amplifier off): 100W
Input SWR: 1.1—1.5:1
Output SWR Maximum: 2.5:1
HF Electronic switch
Protected against reverse polarity
6-Selectable Lower-Pass Filters Manually or Automatically
3-Powerful fans
Requires: 45 Amp average current, 60 Amp peak

Before using this product please read carefully all of the information in this manual or at least the quick start guide!!! To avoid damage or incorrect operation this is extremely important!!!