RM Italy BLA-350 Plus HF Linear Amplifier Base Amp





BLA-350: The RM Italy BLA-350 Plus is a fully automatic compact 300W HF linear Amplifier, that builds on the success of the previous model. It now features a hardware protection circuit for output impedance mismatch that is lightning fast ensuring the safety of the power transistors in the event of high VSWR on the antenna connector. The RF deck has been improved as have the output band filters.
Frequency coverage is from 1.8MHz to 30MHz covering the following bands, 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m Amateur radio bands.
It utilises two 50V MACOM MRF-150 MOSFET Transistors in Push Pull configuration, (Class AB). It may be used on all narrow band modes of transmission e.g. SSB,AM,FM,CW,RTTY,FT8 etc.
It features a dual MCU controlled variable speed cooling system, a large analogue output power meter and a 2 line 16 character LCD display that displays the amplifiers operating parameters, such as frequency, filter selection, temperature and allows quick navigation of the amplifiers menu system.
Attention to correct operation and operating the amplifier within its operating capabilities will ensure optimum performance and many years of trouble free use.

Instant use without setup
Over 300 Watts Key-down.
Output Instant Band switching, no tuning, no warm-up
SWR protected: 1.5-30MHz.
Quiet Variable-Speed Cooling System.
LCD Display and Front Panel LEDs.
Manual or Automatic band selection. Using two MosFets SD 2941-10 operates from 50 Volts for efficient, low distortion and linear RF power service.
Fan speed is regulated by temperature sensors, assuring minimum noise for adequate cooling.
A large heat-sink permits a long QSO time at max power.

Operating Frequency: 1.5-30MHz (160,80,40,30,20,17.15,12 & 10m bands / 60m band with reduced harmonic attenuation)
Supply: 230Vca
Input energy/power 800VA
Input Power: 1-12W Max
Output power: 250-300W
Mode: All
Drain Current: 15A max
Drain Voltage: 48Vdc
Harmonic Output: >-50dBc
Amplifier configuration: Class AB Push-Pull
I/P—O/P Connections: UHF SO-239 (Low loss Teflon insulator), PTT input – RCA / Phono, ALC output – RCA / Phono.
Microprocessor: Microchip PIC 18F4620
Size: 155 x 355 x 270mm
Fuse: 4A
Weight: 13Kg.
Note: Protection circuits are not 100% guaranteed. To prevent damage to your amplifier always check your VSWR after changing bands, No hot switching, No excessive input power etc.