Nissei PS-30SWII Power Supply




PS-30SWII: The models PS-30SWII, NS-30SD and NS-28SW are designed for radio amateurs, equipped with a low voltage circuit, the NOISE is set on the front panel, made by a circuit that shifts the switching frequency up, in case of interference, outside any admitted amateur radio band. Back-lit Volt / Ampere instrument, adjustable voltage from 9 to 15Vdc or fixed to 13.8Vdc, power output terminals on the back, front output 3 Ampere, low power and cigar lighter socket 10A, silent fan for forced cooling. It is small, light, portable, and efficient to supply up to 30 amps maximum current or 25 amps continuous at 13.8 V DC.

30 Amps MAX, 25 Amps continuous at 13.8 V DC.
Front panel adjustable voltage (4-16Vdc)
Light weight, only 2.3kgs
Overload, Short-circuit protection
Noise Control
Cooling Fan
Input Voltage fixed: AC input voltage 220V 50Hz
Output voltage: 13.8V or 9-15V variable
Output voltage regulation < 2﹪
Protection: Overload, Short-circuit
Output current: 25A continuous,30A Max.
Ripple/Noise < 80mVp-p
Fuse: F5A250V
Display indicator: Single volt/current meter
Dimensions: 190(W)×70(H)×215(L)mm
Weight: 2.3 Kg