Diamond GZV-4000 Power Supply



GZV-4000: The DIAMOND switching power supply is a 40A high power switching power supply but of reduced size and weight. It was designed and built specifically for powering transceiver equipment by providing a variable voltage between 5 and 15 Vdc. It is equipped with protection circuits: in current, which intervenes in the event of overloads beyond the limit value including short circuit, in temperature to prevent overheating which could damage the power supply.
An indicator, located on the front of the power supply, signals when the protection circuits have activated. Furthermore, given the use to which it is dedicated, it has a particular protection circuit against radio frequency interference (RFI). The analog instrument displays the voltage or current supplied, which can be selected from the selector on the front.
It has 3 DC power outputs: one at the rear with high power 40A sockets, while two outputs – one with 6A SNAP-ON terminals and one with a cigarette lighter socket – are hidden at the front under a removable panel. There is also an 8W and 8hm impedance front speaker that can be connected to the transceiver via a 3.5mm jack socket.

40 Amp Continuous rating, 100% Duty Cycle
High Efficiency
Lightweight and Small Size
Multiple DC output connections
Variable voltage control 5-15 VDC
Voltage control knob has center detent at 13.5 VDC
Overload & short-circuit protection with Current Foldback at approximately 42 Amp
Over temperature protection; variable speed fan automatically controlled for quiet operation
Overheating protection
Meter selector allows monitoring of voltage & current
Access to front panel DC terminals and lighter jack; standard 40A terminals on rear panel
Built-in 8W speaker
Circuitry yields high RFI protection from external sources
AC line filter for EMI protection
Standard 3-wire heavy duty line cord
Power indicator and overload indicator
Ripple and noise less than 8 mV r.m.s.

Rated mains voltage: 20Vac
Adjustable output: From 5 to 15Vdc
Max current supplied: (for 8 hours) 40A continuous
Ripple: 8mV rms
Meter type: Precision analog meter
Speaker connector socket: 3.5mm jack
Speaker impedance: 8 Ohms
Input Fuse: 12A
Dimensions (mm): w x h x d 210 x 110 x 300
Weight kg): 3.5

NOTE: 40 Amps of power will operate most of the radios on the market