Diamond GSV-3000 Linear Power Supply




GSV-3000: Variable 30A power supply featuring excellent technical data: The GSV-3000 has 30A continuous rating at 100% duty cycle, the DC output range is adjustable from 1 to 15 Volt with a maximum of 3 mVpp ripple. Selectable monitoring of voltage and current with large meter. Automatic current overload protection as well as protection against short circuit and reverse polarization, automatic internal cooling fan. Voltage out quick connect or binding posts as well as cigar lighter socket built in. No RF hash and consequently usable for shortwave and V/UHF transceivers without any interference problems. One of our best selling, most reliable, bench power supplies.

Input voltage: AC-220V 6.5-Amp (50,60Hz)
Output voltage: DC1V to 15V variable
Output current: 30-Amp (continuous) (13.8V)(8 hours) 34-Amp (intermittent)
(1 min. on and 1 min. off)
Built in DC cooling fan
Fuse: 5-Amp
Weight: 9.5kgs
Dimensions: 250W x 150H x 240Dmm