Daiwa CN-901V SWR Power Meter





CN-901V: This large cross needle meter has a pale blue meter lamps, making it stand out in any ham shack. It has a large metal case and is ruggedly built.
Removable rubber side bumpers are useful to prevent damage in the field. It’s frequency range of 140 to 525 MHz is the widest in this group, with forward power scales of 20, 200 watts, selected by the front panel range push button switch.
This active watt meter must be connected to a DC supply for PEP measurements but will read average power and SWR with the power disconnected. It does not measure reflected power or display SWR in the PEP mode. The large face is easy to read and provides good resolution with scale divisions between 0.5 watt up to 20 watts (multiply by 10 or 100 for higher power ranges). A rear panel receptacle accepts 13.8 VDC (power cord is included), and a meter lamp switch is located on the rear panel.
Cross Needle Design
Frequency: 140-525 MHz
Power Range Forward: 20/200 Watt
Accuracy: +/- 10% (@ Full scale)
SWR Detection Sensitivity: 5W (Min)
Input / Output Impedance: 50-Ohm
Input / Output Connectors: SO-239
Dimensions: 157W x 117H x 117D mm
LED Lighted / On-Off Switch