Nissei TX-502 SWR Power Meter





TX-502: The new NISSEI’s crossed needle SWR/Wattmeter allow the simultaneous reading of the transmitted power value, the reflected power and the SWR.
This SWR/Watt meter is a highly accurate RF meter for measuring Forward Power, Reverse Power and VSWR by using a large (104 mm) cross-needle analog meter.

Features / Specifications:
DC Grounded Antenna connector prevents electrostatic buildup.
LED backlighting provides smooth, even illumination.
True Directional Coupler for increased accuracy over frequency.
Three Color Scale for improved readability.
Low Bias Schottky Diode Detectors for increased linearity.
Rugged metal cabinet with speckled black finish and designer style grey injection molded front panel aesthetically complements modern transceivers.
Precision, large (104mm) Cross Needle Meter simultaneously dis forward and reflected power with SWR.
Individual Meter Scales for each power range increase reading.
DC Power Cable Included.
Precision True Active PEP Circuit (TX-101A)
Frequency Range : 1.6 ~ 525 MHz
Center Calibrated : 28.5/145/435 MHz
Power Range : 0 – 200W
Power Scale : 2/20/200W
Maximum Power : 200W
Accuracy : ± 10% of Full Scale or better
Insertion loss : Less than 1.2 : 1
Min. Power : 1W
Testing Function : Power, SWR, PEP
Impedance : 50 Ohm
Connectors : M type (For UHF, N type optioned)
Input power : 9-14 VDC 200 mA maximum
Dimension mm : 184(W) x 118(H) x 131(D)