Comet CSW-100 2-Position Antenna Coaxial Switch



CSW-100: The Comet CSW100 is a 2-port manual coax switch that has been developed for switching between 2 antennas. In this way it is possible to connect 2 antennas to 1 transmitter. By switching the switch you can choose which antenna you want to transmit with. This switching is possible for high frequency signals up to 1500 Watt maximum. The CSW-100 PL is a very robust switch with gold plated connections. The switch has a low VSWR input, so no additional losses occur.

A manual 2-contact coaxial switch that switches high frequency signals on a 50Ω line .
The core wire of the connector is gold-plated to reduce contact resistance.
Designed for high frequency signals with emphasis on high frequency characteristics.
It has a mechanism in which the unselected plug side becomes short-circuited and has a simple lightning protection structure.
Low passing loss (insertion loss)
Good VSWR characteristics
High withstand power and no heat generation

Frequency Range: DC~1300MHz
Maximum passing power:
DC to 70 MHz: 1200W PEP
70 to 170 MHz: 500W PEP
170 to 1300 MHz: 150W PEP
DC to 170 MHz: 60dB or more
170 to 440 MHz: 35dB or more
1250 MHz: 25db
VSWR : 1.2 or less
Insertion loss: 0.2dB or less
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Connections: 3 x PL Female
Dimensions: L 78 x W 72 x H 47mm
Weight: 430 Grams