MFJ-2704 Rhinos Antenna Coaxial Switch



MFJ-2704: A rock solid, sturdy, die cast design gives up to an excellent 60 dB isolation. These switches are build like a rhino, tough inside and out! A superior internal design lets them work for you for a long lifespan. A super compact size allows you place them anywhere and already have convenient mounting holes, MFJ 4-position antenna switches have gold plated flanges and connector contacts that provide low VSWR and low insertion loss.

Frequency Range: SO-239 Port / DC-900MHz
Input Port: 1 x SO-239
Output Port: 4 x SO-239
Power Range:
DC-30MHz: 1.5kW
30MHz-200MHz: 1.0kW
200MHz-500MHz: 500W
500MHz-900MHz: 250W
VSWR: DC-500MHz: 1.10 / 500MHz-900MHz: 1.25
Switch Port Isolation: More than 60 dB
Switch Insertion Loss: Less than 0.10 dB