Alpha Delta DX-20 Single Band Full Size Dipole Antenna




DX-20: Alpha Delta Single-Band Full Size Dipole Antennas are pre-assembled half-wave monoband dipole antennas.
They are pre-tuned for the lowest indicated frequency and come with the correct amount of mounting rope.
These antennas may be tuned for any frequency by shortening the wire lengths according to the supplied instructions.
Cut their DX-80 for 60 meters, their DX-40 for 30 meters, and their DX-20 for 17, 15, 12 or 10 meters.
They are constructed with a Delta-C Center Insulator with built in SEP static electricity protectors and are fully assembled using stainless steel hardware,
12-gauge PVC insulated high strength solid copper wire, and DELTA-CIN End Insulators.
Their center insulators feature SO-239 (UHF female) connectors to accept the PL-259 on your coaxial cables.
These antennas will easily handle full legal power.

Alpha Delta DX series HF wire antennas are unique in the industry, using severe weather rated components for extreme environments such as high tensile strength insulated solid copper 12 Ga. wire,
and stainless steel hardware. Many models use internal gas tube static voltage protectors. The Model DX series has the most efficient performance we have tested—-better than metal enclosed trap types or end-fed half wave models. The difference can be significant!
No-trap design
Stainless steel hardware
Fully assembled
Severe weather and UV rated
Made in Alpha Delta’s ISO 9001 certified production facility.

Wire Antenna Band: 20 meters
Wire Antenna Frequency: 14.0MHz
Wire Antenna Type: Monoband, adjustable
Antenna Power Rating: 2,000 Watts
Wire Antenna Length: 34.00ft.
Antenna Tuner Required: No
Feedline Connection Type: UHF female, SO-239
Minimum Recommended Feed point Height: 20ft.
Wire Gauge: 12-gauge
Center Insulator Maximum Rope Size: 0.313in.
Wire Antenna Weight: 1.80lbs.