Shark Hamstick S-F40 40m Mobile Fiberglass Antenna With Stainless Whip 500W



S-F40: Cutting through the noise, Shark HamSticks are your choice for portable and mobile HF operation. These antennas are made and assembled in America, and offer a superior product to many of its imported rivals. American made fiberglass is both rigid and tough, and not prone to splitting and cracking. American steel still shines brightest. Shark Antennas have been in the mobile communications market for years, and bring their experience to the amateur radio community.
Shark HamSticks cover a single band, fiberglass mast measures 44? with integral coil and an adjustable (removable) 48″ stainless steel whip. Easily tune your Mono Band with the whip, and get on the air in no time at all. All antennas are rated for 250W MAX power, and come with a solid black wrap. All of the Shark HamSticks have a 3/8? x 24 thread base, convenient for many mounts. All Mono-Band, simply choose what band you want to operate, and mount it on your vehicle for portable, or any number of creative mounts for portable / permanent operation.