Alpha Delta ATT3G50U-HP High Power Surge Protector



ATT3G50U-HP: Transi-Trap surge protectors are gas surge arresters designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to excess voltage or currents generated by transient phenomena (lightning or static buildup). These connector coaxial cable surge protectors have SO-239 (UHF Female) connectors and are rated for 2 kW at frequencies up to 500 MHz. They are not DC-blocked, so they will pass control voltages in applications requiring the coaxial cable to carry both RF and DC voltage.
Direct strikes can cause building damage, including damage to AC connected appliances and equipment induced through AC power lines.
Protector Equipment Connector: UHF female, SO-239
Protector Antenna Connector: UHF female, SO-239
Protector Mount: Stud
Power Rating: 2000 Watts.
Frequency coverage: DC to 500 MHz range