Alpha Delta Delta 4B-N Antenna Coaxial Switch



Delta 4B-N: Alpha Delta coax switches have a precision-machined switch shaft and quadrant mechanism for more accurate and stable switching performance.
These switches have a low-loss micro-strip cavity design, positive detent switching, master antenna ground function, a front panel removable arc-plug surge protection module, and excellent HF through UHF performance. The unselected antenna ports are grounded for protection and maximum isolation.

Frequency range: DC – 1.3GHz
Antenna Switch Positions: 4-port N-Type
Antenna Switch Connector Type: N-Female
Power Rating (0 to 30 MHz): 1,500W PEP / 1,500 CW
Switch Impedance: 50 ohms
Switch Insertion Loss: Less than 0.10 dB
Switch Port Isolation (Crosstalk): More than 50 dB
All Ports Grounded Position: Yes