Comet CF-360B High Power Antenna Duplexer.



CF-360B: Combined high quality filters help to prevent TVI, and uses 2 x SO239 input sockets, 1 for 1.8-30MHz, and the other for 49-470MHz, and the single COM lead is fitted with a PL259 plug.

BandPass Frequency: Input Loss: 1.3 – 30Mhz / Less than 0.2dB
BandPass Frequency: Input Loss: 49 – 470Mhz / Less than 0.25d
Impedance: 50 Ohms
VSWR: 1:1.2
Maximum Input Power 1.3 – 250Mhz 600Watts (PEP)
Maximum Input Power 300 – 470 Mhz 500 Watts (PEP)
Size: W66 x D90 x H26 mm
Input 2 X SO239 Sockets
Output 1 x Lead with fitted PL259 Plug