Kansai Tsushin Densen 5D-FB Coaxial Cable Roll 30m



5D-FB: Ultra Low-loss 5D-FB cable is designed to transmit the maximum signal to your antennas. With copper conductors for less signal loss, for Ham and CB Radio. Coaxial is made by Kansai Communication Wire. Don’t settle for less especially if you have a significant investment in antennas.
You should allow three inches of cable to make a 90 degree turn in your runs without causing signal loss. The connectors used with the coax must also hold the correct spacing through the body of the connector to avoid signal loss.
5D-FB Cable Series with Foamed polyethylene insulated is manufactured according to standard of Japan Kansai communication cable Ltd. This cable is usually applied as feeder cable of antenna for mobile or radio communication, jumper cable of base station and military data cable etc.

NOTE: Fitted with 2 x PL-259 connectors. 30m ROLL

Inner conductor: 1.80mm Bare copper/Copper clad steel
Outer conductor: 5.70mm
Shielding effectiveness: dB >80
Dielectric: 5.00mm Foamed PE
Shield: Bonded aluminum foil
Capacitance: 82 pF/m
Impedance: 50±3 Ohm
Outer conductor resistance: 14.1 Ohm/Km
Inner conductor resistance: 6.8(10.5) Ohm/Km
Operating temperature range: -40°C – +85 °C
Insulation resistance: >5000 Mohm.Km
Velocity of propagation: 82%
Nominal capacitance: 82 pF/m
Return Loss: ≥20
Min. bending radius: 38 mm
Operating frequency: 1~6000 MHz
Shielding effectiveness: dB >80
Sparker Test (VAC): 3000
VSWR: ≤1.2
Tinned copper double braided shield with aluminum foil
Tinned copper outer conductor
Foamed solid PE dielectric
Withstand voltage: 1000 (ACV/min)
Max. operating Voltage: 2000 (Vrms/min)
Pmax: 8.8 kW