Spiderbeam A903 Antenna Balun



A903: This is exactly the same balun as used in our Spiderbeam Yagi antennas: a W1JR type coax choke balun with extremely good balancing properties on 10 – 28 MHz and quite good balancing properties on 3.5 – 7 MHz. It is well suited as a good all-round balun for all 50 Ohm antennas in this frequency range. It uses high-quality components (Fair-Rite ferrite toroid, Teflon-insulated coax cable, rugged UV resistant plastic enclosure).

Length of the housing: 120mm
Length of the aluminum bar: 200m
For antennas with an SWR < 3:1 – up to 2000W
Weight: 510g (18 oz.)