Shark Hamstick S-FM20 MINI Mobile Fiberglass Antenna 250W



S-FM20: The Shark FM “Mini” Series of Single Band Antennas are convenient for HF operation on the road. Each American Made Antenna covers a Single HF Band with a Power Rating of 250 Watts P.E.P.
Each Antenna features a Black Fiberglass Lower Section with Integral Coil and an Adjustable (Removable) Stainless Steel Whip. The Allen Wrench is also included. The base of the antenna element is a 3/8 inch X 24 thread. The color of these antennas is Black. These antennas do not include the mount or coax. 20 Meters – 41 Inches Total – Black Fiberglass & Adjustable (Removable) Stainless Steel Whip.

FM20: 20 Meters / 80 kHz
Height: 41 inches
Power rated: 250W