RM Italy Low Pass Filter 27/586 500 W




27/586: R.M. TVI amplifier filter is designed to reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the signal quality of television and radio broadcasts. This filter is essential for minimizing disruptions caused by nearby electronic devices or radio frequency interference. It effectively cleans up the signal, providing clearer audio and video output for a more enjoyable viewing or listening experience.

27/586 is a Low Pass Filter with a cut off frequency of 30 MHz.
It is recommended for use if you suffer from BCI or TVI interference.
Is placed between the transmitter and antenna.

Power peak: 500 Watts SSB
Maximum continuous power: 300 Watts
Frequency range: 3-30 MHz
Harmonic attenuation: 80 dB (60-900 MHz).
Cut-off Frequency: 30 MHz
Input / Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Insertion Loss: 80 dB at 60 – 900 MHz
Connectors: 2 x SO239 UHF sockets
Size: 47 x 90 x 40 mm

Unfortunately, all transmitters emit harmonics, and when these exceed the minimum level capable of generating interference, the neighbors’ devices are affected: radios and televisions are disturbed in various ways, to the point of completely canceling program reception.
Interference can also be generated in many other ways: for example, due to a cable that is not completely shielded, or that re-radiates the signal of an unbalanced antenna without a balun.
Generally, in over 90% of cases of interference generated by a transmitter, the installation of a good low-pass filter such as the 27/586 or the superior model HSP 35/600 cures the problem.