RM Italy KL-703 High Power Linear Amplifier 500W





KL-703: Is a new 500W Linear Amplifier for operation between 25 and 30 MHz, (developed for the 10m amateur radio band). It may be used for all narrow band modulation types, (SSB,CW,AM,FM and data modes). It is particularly suitable for mobile operation as it requires a 13.8Vdc supply voltage. The KL-703 requires about 30W for maximum output power. Harmonic output is better than -55dBc. The KL703 also features an RX pre-amplifier that may be used to increases readability of weak signals..

Operation Frequency: 25—30 MHz (10m Amateur HF Band)
Modulation Types: SSB,CW,AM, FM, data etc (All narrowband modes)
Transistor: 16 x RM 3 MOSFET
Max I/P Current: 50A
Power Supply: 13.8VDC /- 1V 60A
Input Fuse (Internal): 4 x 15A (Auto Fuse)
Input RF Power: 1-35W max (All modes)
Output RF Power: 500W max
Maximum bypass power (Amplifier off): 50W max
Preamplifier + 25dB
Input VSWR: 1.1—1.5:1
Output VSWR Maximum: 2.5:1
Harmonic Output: >-50dBc 25-30MHz.
Size: 240 x 90 x 450 mm
Integrated cooling system (2 x fans)
Weight: 4.2 Kg
RTX SO-239: RF input connector
DC Input power connector: (Polarity is marked on the supplied mating connector)
Antenna RF Output: SO-239 Socket to Antenna