RM Italy HLA-305V High Power Professional HF Linear Amplifier




HLA-305V: The HLA-305V linear amplifier is a high performance amplifier designed for use with all HF transceivers and all modes transmission. The amplifier uses four MRF-455 configured for class A/B operation.
It is a wideband compact amplifier for the HF band covering 1.8-30 MHz output is nominal 250W at full power, 6 band filter and LCD for amplifier status. Input drive from 1W to 10W maximum. Ideal for low power Handhelds and FT-817ND etc.
These amplifiers will supply a nominal 200 watts continuous output on all HF bands with only 10 watts of drive. Each of their four MRF-455 power transistors is designed to deliver up to 60W RF output at frequencies up to 30MHz.
Low power mode, activated by a front panel switch, inserts an internal 3dB RF attenuator, effectively reducing the input power by half.
Extensive protection systems used in this HF amplifier:
Protection against operation at frequencies outside the amplifier’s operating range
A message about an inadequate low pass filter for a given frequency
Too much power fed to the amplifier
Mismatched antenna with too high VSWR
Over-temperature protection

Output is nominal 250W at Full Power.
Manual or Automatic band switching
6-Band filter and LCD for Amplifier Status.
Input drive from 1W to maximum of 10W.
Forced multispeed ventilation.
Frequency: 1.8 MHz – 26 MHz and 28 MHz – 30 MHz
RF Drive: 1-10 W typ. (15W max). AM/CW
Output Power: P1db 50-240W AM/FM/CW ± 1db typ. max
250W max. AM/FM/CW/Average.
Power 400W PEP SSB
Gain: 13,5 ± 1db P1db.
Power Voltage: 13 Vcc ± 2V.
Current consumption during transmission: up to 45A
Input Impedance: 50 Ohm (unbalanced).
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm (unbalanced).
Final Transistor: MRF-455 x 4.
Circuit: Class A/B push-pull.
Dimensions: 240 x 70 x 450 mm. Weight: 4 Kg.