Diamond SX-600 SWR Power Meter




SX-600: Diamond SWR/POWER meters are of the highest quality. The SX-600 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR. Compact in size makes the meter useful for testing both base and mobile installations.
Two directional couplers with switch and LED indicators for in-line connection of two transceivers. With three full power scales of 5, 20, and 200 watts, the SX-600 provides handheld, QRP, and high power operating levels. With most of today’s rigs providing 200W or less, the SX-600 will satisfy the vast majority of transceivers.

Frequency: 1.8-160/140-525MHz
Power Ranges: 5/20/200
Connectors: SO-239
Min. Power SWR Test: 4W
Illuminated meter
Switchable r.m.s. or peak power
Measures forward, reflected & VSWR power
6″W x 2″H x 4″D, 2 lbs.