MFJ-262BN Dummy Load 200W-3GHz



MFJ-262BN: The heart of these 50 Ohm dry dummy loads are the resistor inside. They are made with copper flanges and beo ceramic for incredible lowest thermal resistance and capacitance. Frequency ranges from DC to 3GHz with an SWR of less than 1.2:1 with an N-Male connector. Handles up to 200 Watts for 5 seconds and 35 Watts continuously. MFJ Handy Dry Dummy Loads have a built in male connector for direct connection to your transmitter.
A heavy duty, black, finned aluminum construction and air-cooled heatsink will give you years of dependable use.

Max Input: 200W 5-Seconds
Continuous Input: 35W
With N male: DC to 3GHz
Measures a super-compact 1 3/4W x 4 3/4H x 1 1/2D inches.