Comet CFX-5140 Antenna Triplexer



CFX-5140: Comet calls these “triplexers”, but they are also referred to as combiners or splitters. They are basically band-pass filters, simultaneously passing RF in both directions through the common connector while the band-pass filters provide a high degree of isolation between ports.
TX and RX from three radios at the same time into a single triband antenna.
Combine a triband radio with separate outputs into a single triband antenna.
Allow a single coax run into three antennas at the top of the tower, and three radios at the bottom, by using a triplexer at both ends of the coax run, avoiding cost and weight.

Frequency: 1.3-90MHz / Insertion Loss: 0.15dB / Power: 800W PEP
Frequency: 130-200MHz / Insertion Loss: 0.2dB / Power: 800W PEP
Frequency: 380-500MHz / Insertion Loss: 0.25dB / Power: 500W PEP
Output: SO-239
Low In: PL-259
Mid In: PL-259
High In: PL-259