MAT mAT-125E Portable Automatic Antenna Tuner




mAT-125E: Is an automatic tuner intended for use with HF transceivers. The mAT-125E can work within the range of 3MHz to 54MHz.
The mAT-125E provides automatic antenna tuning across the entire HF spectrum plus 6 meters, at power levels up to 120 watts. It will tune dipoles, verticals, Yagis, or virtually any coax-fed
antenna. It will match an amazing range of antennas and impedances, far greater than some other tuners you may have considered, including the built-in tuners on many radios.

The mAT-125E also features advanced memory tuning, providing 16000 memory locations; when tuning near a previously used frequency it will recall the settings for nearly instant tuning.
It learns your favorite frequencies and bands as you use it. You can also start a tuning cycle manually whenever necessary.

The mAT-125E has 16,000 frequency memories. When tuning on or near a previously tuned frequency, the mAT-125E uses “Memory Tune” to recall the previous tuning parameters in a fraction of a second. If no memorized settings are available, the tuner runs a full tuning cycle, storing the parameters for memory recall on subsequent tuning cycles on that frequency. In this manner, the mAT-125E “learns” as it is used, adapting to the bands and frequencies as it goes. Two 18650 lithium batteries installed inside tuner to provide power for the tuner. Tuner is charged, can only be used with prescribed charger, the charger has the highest output voltage of 8.4VDC. mAT-125E uses little power while tuning, and essentially zero power when in standby, when the equipment is full of electricity, it can work for a long time. These 18650 lithium batteries do not have a protective circuit, and the protection function is completed by tuner.
0.1 to 120 watts SSB and CW peak power, 30 watts on PSK and digital modes, and 100 watts
on 6 meters.
Latching relays for ultra-low power operation.
16,000 memories for instantaneous frequency and band changing.
Tuning time: 0.1 to 5 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune.
1.6 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor.
Tunes 5 to 1500 ohm loads.
Includes a lithium battery charger.
For dipoles, verticals, Vees, beams, whip, wire or any coax-fed antenna.
Dimensions: 20cm x 13cm x 4cm (L x W x H).
Weight: 0.8Kg.