Maas SPS-8400 Power Supply




SPS-8400: High power DC Power Supply provides 40 Amp output in a lightweight and compact size case, with twin analogue measuring instruments for output voltage and output current.

Output current: 40 Amps constant / 43 Amps momentarily
Output voltage: 3-15 volts DC adjustable or 13.8 volts DC fixed voltage with fixed voltage switch on the bottom
High efficiency
Operating voltage: 230 volt AC/ 50Hz
Adjustable output voltages 3V to 15V
13.8V lock control
Light weight and small size
Over temperature protection
Over voltage protection at 16.5V
Variable speed thermally controlled fan.
High RFI stability
Power factor correction >0.95
Overload protection with constant current
Floating ground
Low Ripple & Noise <50mV
load regulation: <200mV
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 220 x 110 x 300mm
Weight: 3.5kg