KPO DG-503MAX Digital SWR Meter




DG-503MAX: DG-503MAX Wattmeter has a digital display with a backlit screen. It measures SWR for HF frequencies from 1.6 to 60 MHz and VHF-UHF frequencies from 125 to 525 MHz, as well as power up to 200W. Highly accurate for measuring Forward Power, Reflected Power, and the VSWR of Analog and Digital transceivers.

Adjustable to measure DMR (TDMA), AM, SSB
Large LCD (3.5″) backlit display for easy of reading
Maximum measurable power range up to 200W
Checks your antenna SWR
Checks your radio RF power wattage
DC Power source : 13.8 V
Applicable rechargeable battery.
Micro USB – DC 5V output (does not include adapter).
Convenient control layout for easy operation.
Compatible with SSB and DMR modes (peak power reading on MAX version).

Frequency range: 1.6-60 MHz / 125-525 MHz
Insertion loss: Less than 0.1 dB
Testing functions: Fwd/Rev Power, SWR ratio
Minimum power for SWR: 1W
Accuracy: (AVG) + / – 5%
Measurement (Analog mode): CW, FM, FDMA
Measurement (MAX mode): DMR (TDMA), AM, SSB
Calibration point: 14MHz – 50MHz – 145MHz – 435MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Interface (in and out): UHF female (SO-239) / (N-female option)
Includes operation manual and DC 12V wire
Dimensions: 5.51 in.(W) x 3.30 in. (H) x 4.80 in. (D) / 140 x 84 x 122 mm
Net Weight: 1.65 lbs. / 750g