Icom SM-30 Desktop Microphone



SM-30: Elegant and light gooseneck microphone with Electret element, for all Icom transceivers with 8pin round Mic socket (Foster socket). Base with keys for PTT and PTT-Lock. The microphone level can be adjusted by a small potentiometer at the lower side of the base, which also locates a slider for ‘low cut’. The microphone can be adjusted in height and direction with the flexible gooseneck. Their bases have PTT and PTT Lock switches and a red “PTT lock” lamp.

Microphone Type: Electric Condenser microphone
Output Impedance: 600 Ω±30%
Microphone Gain: -28 dB±4 dB
Cable Length: 1 m±5 cm, 3.28 ft±1.97 in
Weight: 350 g±10 g, 12.35 oz±0.35 oz
NOTE: With a low-cut filter

Main compatible models: IC – 7800 / IC – 7600 / IC – 7200 / IC – 911 / IC – 756 series. (Optional OPC – 589 is required when using with IC – 7100)