Yaesu MD-1 C8 Desktop Microphone



MD-1: A heavy diecast base and bronze element casing make the MD-1 a particularly durable, heavy-duty microphone for base station use.
The large dynamic element provides an extremely wide audio response, and an internal switch is then used to select that portion of the audio spectrum that one chooses to emphasise, attenuating the lower frequencies according to the users choice.
Output impedance may be selected via an internal switch, 600 or 50k ohms.
A dual pivoting mechanism allows both horizontal and vertical rotation to accommodate various locations and heights, while the microphone can be easily separated from the base for those situations where a hand-held microphone is most convenient.(If the microphone is electrically disconnected from the base, only 600 ohms impedance without scanning control is possible.)
The base of the MD-1 includes a large PTT switch bar and lock switch, as well as scanning UP, DOWN, and FAST switches.

Type: Dynamic
Frequency response: 100Hz – 15kHz (-6 dB)
Sensitivity: -73 dB at 600 ohms, -56dB at 50k ohms
Directivity pattern: Unidirectional