Fujikura 5D-FB-Lite Coaxial Cable Roll 40m




5D-FB-Lite: Copper clad aluminum wire (referred to as CA wire) is a material that takes advantage of the respective advantages of copper and aluminum by uniformly coating copper around the aluminum wire and creating a strong metal bond at the copper-aluminum boundary.
This highly flexible polyethylene fully insulated coaxial cable is used for connections to high frequency equipment, internal wiring, power lines, etc., and is widely used in Japan. The characteristic impedance is 50Ω and can be used for wireless and communication related applications. These radio frequency coaxial cables made of selected materials are fabricated for easy handling and long service life for installation in wireless base stations.

Low loss due to the use of foamed polyethylene for the edge.
It is lightweight because copper-coated aluminum wire is used for the internal conductor
Low standing wave ratio over a wide band.
The outer conductor has a double structure of aluminum foil affixed plastic tape and braid, achieving both shielding properties and flexibility
The sheath is standard high-grade matte vinyl.
Regulated substances under the RoHS Directive are below the specified values
Target substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE)
Applications: For amateur radio and other general radio
The outer conductor, which is composed of two layers of aluminum laminated plastic tape and tinned annealed copper wire braid, provides excellent flexibility and shield screening attenuation.
High quality, matte-finished PVC is used for the sheath as standard.
Conforms to the RoHS directive.
The standing wave ratio is low over a wide band, and foamed polyethylene is used as the insulator, resulting in low loss.
Achieved approximately 20-40% weight reduction compared to conventional products, and further improved flexibility.
Can be soldered like copper wire
Factory fitted PL-259 connectors

Operating Frequency: 1~6000 MHz
Insulator : PEF (polyethylene foam)
Outer conductor 1 : Aluminum foil pasted plastic tape
Outer conductor 2 (braid) : TAC (Tin-plated annealed copper wire braid)
Sheath : PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Finish outer diameter: 7.6mm
Velocity of Propagation(%): 82
Operating Temperature(℃): -25~+70
Minimum Bending Radius: 75mm
Internal conductor: Material – copper coated aluminum wire
Withstand voltage: 1000 (ACV/1 minute
Capacitance (standard): 83 (nF/km
Insulation resistance (min.): 10000 (MΩ・km)