Diamond F-23H Mono Band 2m High Power Base Vertical Antenna.



F-23H: If you are looking for the best mono-band VHF antenna Diamond has to offer, then look no further. Diamond Antenna F23H Mono-Band Base Station Antennas have the highest gain available with a maximum power rating of 350 watts. Although these antennas are pre-tuned from factory, they also give you the ability to be tuned from 144-174 MHz

Fiberglass radomes
Over lapping outer shells for added strength
Strong waterproof joint couplings
Stainless steel hardware
Wide band performance
Factory adjusted, no tuning required
Highest gain
High wind rating
DC grounded

F23H: 144 MHz(2m)
Gain: 7.8dB
Max. power rating: 350W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
VSWR: Less than 1.5:1
Rated wind velocity: 40m/sec.
Mast diameter accepted: 30mm to 62mm
Connector: MJ
Type: 3 x 5/8 wave FRP outer shell
Length: 5.2m
Weight: 2.0kg
Wind Rating: 90