Diamond MX-610 Antenna Duplexer



MX610: The MX-610 Duplexer is designed for simultaneous transmission / reception at frequencies of 1.3 to 30 MHz (HF) and 49 to 470 MHz (VHF / UHF).
Modern multi-band HF / VHF CW / BLU amateur radio transceivers usually have separate connectors for HF and VHF bands and problems arise when connecting dual-band antennas with a single power cable.
The Diamond 1.3 -30 / 49 -470MHz Duplexer MX610 is ideal for transmitting signals from two separate HF and VHF antennas from the point of installation to your amateur radio station via a cable. The cable can be connected to a normal mechanical antenna switch and alternatively connect the HF transceiver and the VHF radio to the antennas. With the use of two similar duplexers, two separate HF and VHF antennas of the HF transceiver and the VHF radio station can be powered with a single cable.

Low-pass frequency coverage: 1.3-30 MHz.
High frequency frequency coverage: 49-470 MHz.
Low-pass loss: 0.2 dB.
High-pass loss: 0.25 dB.
PEP low-pass: 600 watts.
PEP high-pass: 600 watts.
Isolation: 45 dB.
Mix connector: UHF female, SO-239.
Type of low-pass connector: UHF male, PL-259.
Port Connector Type High Pass: UHF Male, PL-259.