Diamond C211 Mobile Antenna Mount KIT



C211KIT: Antenna hole mount cable assemblies can be used as stand alone antenna mounts or cable extensions. Featuring 6 1/2 ft. of 1/8″ diameter PTFE coax and mini-UHF connectors, these mounts are perfect for fitting in tight areas or through vehicle body panels. These mounts are ideal for trunk mount or remote head installations.
Cannot be used with the Diamond antenna K600M mount.

Coax cable combo (C101 + C110) totaling 16.5 Feet low loss cable assembly.
C101: 6.5′ RG-316 PTFE 1/8″ diameter coax. Mini-UHF Connectors
C110: 10′ extension cable for C101, C101NMO, K400C, RG8X/Mini-8 coax with mini UHF connectors.
Low-loss PL259 adapter included SO-239 base