DB-GC-2 Ceramic Dog Bone Insulator For Wire Antennas



DB-GC-2: Dog bone ceramic insulators are strain insulators used to mount electrical wires and insulate antenna wires. They have a ribbed construction to reduce radio frequency (RF) leakage. Dog bone ceramic insulators have a long body of two to three inches with perpendicular holes in either end. There are several types of materials used to produce dog bone insulators. Ceramic is chosen for its durability and extended usage life, which removes the need for constant replacement.
The insulator’s ceramic material is an excellent electrical insulator, which means that it helps prevent the loss of signal strength in the antenna. It also has a high breakdown voltage, which makes it ideal for use in high-power applications. Strain insulators are perfect for insulating wire antennas, such as dipoles, cubical quads, hex beams, anywhere you need to keep your antenna wire taut.

Features / Specifications:
Isolator made of ceramic
Suitable for high workloads and high powers
Weight: 60 gr
Length: 61 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Holes: 7 mm