Alpha Delta ATT3G50N Coax Surge Protector



ATT3G50N: Transi-Trap Surge Protectors are gas surge arresters designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to excess voltage or currents generated by transient phenomena (lightning or static buildup).
Excellent broadband performance from DC through 3 GHz, compared to the narrow-band DC-blocked or stub designs. Typical dB loss: 0.1@ 1 GHz; 0.2@ 2 GHz; and 0.5@ 3 GHz.
Innovative impedance-compensated, through-line cavity design allows control voltages to pass through the devices, instead of the “wire-around” requirement of DC-blocked designs. This design allows “in-circuit” cable sweeps.
Innovative, fast-acting gas tube replaceable Arc-Plug® module can be removed and replaced in the field in about one minute with no tools required, and without having to remove the protector from the circuit. The “O” ring sealed knurled knob does the trick!
The Arc-Plug® module and connectors are “O” ring sealed for complete weatherproofing.
Effective performance. Due to the carefully designed reactance-compensated, through-line cavity and Arc-Plug® module placement, customer and government test approvals show this design is as good as, or better than, DC-blocked designs.
Connectors: N-Type Female
Frequency: 0 – 3 GHz
Power Rated: 200W
Insertion Loss:
Less than 0.1 dB from 0 to 1000 MHz
Less than 0.2 dB from 1000 to 2000 MHz
Less than 0.5 dB from 2000 to 3000 MHz
Less than 1.1:1 from 0 to 1000 MHz
Less than 1.3:1 from 1000 to 2000 MHz