Comet CA-SPR Optional Spring Kit For CA-2X4SR




The CA-2x4SR antenna is relatively stiff due to the phasing sections Comet uses in the radiating element in order to make the antenna both broadband and high gain. Because these antennas are used by Search and Rescue teams off-highway as much as they are for traditional on highway use, customers have often asked if Comet would ever make a spring that could be used with them to add some flexibility.

The CA-SPR is Comets answer to that request. Rather than include the spring in every antenna, they made it an optional item that can be added to an existing antenna without the expense of purchasing a completely new antenna. The CA-SPR basically replaces the lower element and takes only a few minutes to install. Adding the spring does not change the SWR or performance but will help it survive brushes with tree branches, low clearance structures, etc.