Alpha Delta Delta-4BN ASC Antenna Coaxial Switch



Delta-4BN: DELTA-2B, 4B and ASC-4B coaxial switches protected against overvoltage in a comfortable table console. They are designed for low losses with excellent co-channel rejection through 1.3 ASC GHz, depending on the connector model. They are built with powder-coated housings and are designed with cavity construction with constant micro-strip impedance for the best performance. They have a precision internal rotation mechanism with positive stop action for the exact indication of the switch position. Thunderstorms, Upper atmospheric electrical discharges and wind driven sand/snow static voltages can easily cause equipment damage.
Switches use an ARC-PLUG gas tube module that is accessible through the front panel for easy access in case of replacement. 2 and 4 position models are available.

Connect: 1 radio and 4 different antennas or 1 antenna and 4 different radios.

Port to port isolation: greater than 60dB at 30MHz, 50dB at 450MHz
Power rating: 1500 Watts
N/Female Connectors
High Strength Solder Connections
Brass ARC Plug for Surge Suppression
Low Loss HF-UHF