Alpha Delta Delta 4B Antenna Coaxial Switch



Delta 4B: Alpha Delta coax switches have a precision-machined switch shaft and quadrant mechanism for more accurate and stable switching performance.
These switches have a low-loss micro-strip cavity design, positive detent switching, master antenna ground function, a front panel removable arc-plug surge protection module, and excellent HF through UHF performance. The unselected antenna ports are grounded for protection and maximum isolation.

Special Switching Functions: When the knob points to the center(ground) switch position, all antenna circuits are internally disconnected and grounded. When the knob is in the active position, the unused antenna ports re grounded. Then active position circuit is continuously protected by the Model D-4 Arc-Plug Cartridge Pill.

Grounding Requirements: A separate, external ground wire must be used from one set of user supplied mounting hardware (through either thru-hole on the base plate) to the station ground system. (Not the equipment chassis.) The Arc-Plug Cartridge Pill will not operate without a good ground. Note: Paint should be removed at point of ground hardware connection to base plate. It is also good practice to ground hardware connection to the base plate. it is also good practice to ground the coax shield at point of entry to the building.

Frequency range: 0 to 500Mhz
Power range: 0 to 30MHz 1.5KW (1500W) 100 to 500Mhz 1KW (1000W)
Connectors: S0-239
Brass ARC plug: For surge suppression
VSWR dB Loss dB Isolation
30 MHz: 1.1:1 .1dB 60dB
150 MHz: 1.3:1 .15dB 50dB
450 MHz: 1.4:1 .5dB 50dB
Robust metal: 14 x 9 x 3 cm, without connectors and button