Yaesu G-1000DXA Heavy Duty Antenna Rotator




G-1000DXA: Yaesu high performance rotator systems, model G-1000DXA are designed to rotate large professional and professional tower mounted antennas under remote control from the operating position of the amateur radio station. These systems include attractive azimuth controllers, which also support an optional computer interface, for automated directional antenna positioning control.
The Yaesu rotator design uses 100 heavy 7/16″ inch. double stack circumferential ball bearings to distribute the load over the entire diameter of the housing. This design minimizes stress and wear and virtually eliminates the possibility of destructive water entry: there is no shaft hole in the top of the housing.

The factory-lubricated rotary unit is housed in die-cast aluminum and coated with melamine resin, to ensure maintenance-free operation under all weather conditions. A mast alignment gauge on the rotor housing simplifies precise mechanical alignment during installation.

The sleek desktop controller emulates the design of modern amateur radio transceivers, providing a 360-degree radial indication of the actual azimuth of the antenna. You can select rotational speeds of 40 to 100 seconds per rotation (360 degrees).

Compass Display: Stop may be set at North or South.
Preset Control: For hands free rotation during busy operating sessions.
Variable Speed: 40 – 100 seconds for 360º of rotation.

Wind Load Rating (Inside Tower): 2.2 m² or less
Rotator Turning Power: 955 in.-lbs.
Wind Load Rating (Mast Mounted): 8 sq.ft.
Directional Display Type: Position indicator
360° Rotation Time: 43~93sec
Maximum vertical load continuous: 200 kg or less / Momentary: 800 kg
K-Factor: 230
Maximum Antenna Mast Diameter: 2.480 in.
Rotator Mount Type: Tower
Rotator Brake Type: Mechanical and electrical
Rotator Brake Power: 5,207 in.-lbs.
Rotator Bearing Type: Dual race, 100 bearings
Control Cable: 6-conductor
Console Width: 7.874 in.
Console Height: 5.118 in.
Console Depth: 7.598 in.
Console Weight: 6.17 lbs.
Rotator Height: 11.811 in.
Rotator Diameter: 7.323 in.
Rotator Weight: 7.94 lbs. (2.6kg)
Supply voltage: 220 Volts
Power supply current consumption: 1.5 Amp
Type of rotor: Azimuth
Mast diameter: Ø 38 to 63 mm